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The use of exercises for scoliosis prevents patients from being subjected to invasive scoliosis surgery or rigid scoliosis braces. The Schroth Scoliosis Method is a unique exercise approach that has been scientifically validated for use in scoliosis patients.


Today, many physicians take a “wait and see” approach that gives the condition the opportunity to progress, so that the deformity of the spine continues to worsen throughout the individual’s lifetime. The Schroth Scoliosis Method is an exercise system that offers physical therapy for scoliosis patients who are still in the early stages of the condition, so that the condition is prevented from progressing, without the need for painful treatments that may not be effective.


The Schroth scoliosis exercise program focuses on breathing, walking and posturing techniques that address each individual’s specific case. By taking a hands-on approach to treating scoliosis during the early stages, amazing corrections can be made. Look at the Case Studies listed on this page and see how important early intervention can be to reducing curvature of the spine and attaining stabilization that will impact the individual’s deformity for the rest of their lives.


Breathing is an important component of the Schroth Method, focusing on the affected area during the inhalations and exhalations in order to reshape the rib cage while decreasing the rotation of the spine. The breathing techniques are practiced in conjunction with the postures that are effective for specific areas of spine curvature. Certain exercises are appropriate for either lumbar or thoracic curvatures. Before participating in ascoliosis exercise program, you will need to schedule an evaluation. It is important to have current x-rays, in order for us to evaluate your situation and determine the best approach to treating your scoliosis.


Avoiding surgery is the primary goal of many individuals who opt instead to try physical therapy for their scoliosis. There are numerous benefits that the Schroth Method provides, including the reduction of rotation, an improvement in mobility and reduced pain. There are other options available to you that are not invasive, unlike traditional scoliosis surgery.

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